Springer near Alert Bay, July 27, 2020. Photo by Jared Towers, DFO

Last week we hosted our first ever virtual event! Celebrate Springer 2020 brought together members of Springer’s team for a retelling of her story, followed by a panel discussion. Thanks to everyone who attended Celebrate Springer 2020, especially to panelists Bob, Joe, John, Kathy and Suzie (OrcaLab), and co-presenter Lynne!

It was wonderful to revisit this story, and share it with a new and wider audience. We had about 130 people attend, from across the US and Canada. As always, the panel discussion was my favorite part of the program. We always learn something new. Favorite fact from this session: Springer still plays with sticks!

We recorded the event and posted it on Vimeo. Here is the link:

Celebrate Springer 2020.


Enjoy, and please share freely!

Best to you all,


P.S. Last week Springer and her family passed by one of our favorite places, in front of some of our favorite people. Thanks Jared Towers (DFO) for the photo and the Springer updates.