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Be sure to visit Oregon State Parks to learn more about Whale Watching Spoken Here® including volunteer trainings and activities. Help count whales on the coast, and be part of one of the longest-running and most successful citizen science programs in the world.

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Battle Rock Wayside Park Port Orford

Battle Rock Wayside Park, Port Orford

Battle Rock Park is named for the historic battle that took place at Battle Rock where the Qua-to-mah Native Americans fought Capt. William Tichenor's men in 1851. Now, visitors can hike the hill to the top of the Rock and see one of the most spectacular views on the coast. And if they’re lucky, they…
Cape Falcon Viewpoint

Cape Falcon Viewpoint

Cape Falcon Marine Reserve and Protected Area is located adjacent to Oswald West State Park on Oregon's north coast.  The site covers 20 square miles and includes offshore rocks and a rugged coastline.

Cape Perpetua

Named for St. Perpetua by Captain James Cook in March of 1778, Siuslaw National Forest’s Cape Perpetua National Scenic Area is the dramatic meeting place of two distinct but joined landscapes; dense and complex forests and the Pacific Ocean.

Don Davis Park

Don Davis Park lies within Newport's Nye Beach district, situated on a 2 acre site with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. On a clear day one can view north to Yaquina Head and Lighthouse and south all the way to Cape Perpetua! A fantastic spot to view whales rain or shine as the gazebo…

Sea Lion Caves

Sea Lion Caves is a privately owned wildlife preserve and bird sanctuary. It has been in operation since 1932 protecting and preserving this amazing natural resource. The Cave itself is America's largest sea cave and the year-round home of Steller and California sea lions. This not a zoo, so the wild sea lions come and…
Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area is a narrow, coastal headland extending one mile into the Pacific Ocean. Managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Yaquina Head offers a variety of recreational and educational opportunities. While visiting the 100-acre park, you can tour a historic lighthouse, explore tide pools, and see a variety of marine mammals…


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