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With 15 sites and counting in British Columbia, the Whale Trail provides access and best tips to viewing marine mammals. Explore the sites using the interactive map below or click the button to find a filterable listing of sites, amenities, and commonly seen marine mammals. 

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Bowen Island

The Bowen Island Whale Trail site is located in the south west corner of the island, in the Cape Roger Curtis area. It's lovely western view looks toward Vancouver Island and offers glorious sunsets, not to mention whale sightings.

Drummond Bay, South Pender

Drummond Bay offers a large crescent shaped pebble beach with a huge collection of driftwood. The viewing platform at the entrance offers two benches and is a beautiful place to enjoy the scenery and to watch for whales.

East Limestone Island

East Limestone Island is located in the K'uuna Gwaay Conservancy on Haida Gwaii. This island is home to Laskeek Bay Conservation Society's remote field station, where the organization has been conducting long-term monitoring and research for nearly 30 years with the support of citizen scientist volunteers.

East Point, Saturna Island

East Point, on Saturna Island, is one of the very best locations in the Southern Gulf Islands of Canada to see orcas from land. The Southern Resident Pods swim past East Point from May to November as they travel from the Pacific Ocean to the Fraser River Delta, which is one of their favorite feeding…

Gowlland Point, South Pender

At the very tip of South Pender Island is Gowlland Beach Public Ocean Access. A crescent shaped pebble beach reached by wooden steps from the road, it has impressive views of the San Juan Islands and on a clear day, Mt. Baker. There is a platform with a bench directly next to the parking area.

Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

The newest Whale Trail sign was recently installed in West Vancouver! Congratulations to Bailey Eagan of the BC Cetacean Sighting Network (BCCSN) and everyone involved. This is the fourth of five signs funded by a grant from Mountain Equipment Coop to BCCSN – The Whale Trail BC is well underway.

Oak Bluffs, North Pender

This steep hike climbs up switchbacks and stairs through a dense tree canopy to the top of the 15 bluffs. Two viewpoints and three benches allow you to fully appreciate the scenery from 100 metres above sea level. The first view shows Bedwell Harbour Marina and South Pender, while the second looks toward Swanson Channel…

Port of Kelsey Bay

Located within Vancouver Island's Inside Passage, near the village of Sayward, The Port of Kelsey Bay awaits your arrival.  Orcas and sea lions are visible in the Johnstone Strait from the newly restored wharf which includes an inclement weather, glass enclosure viewing room.

Prince Rupert

The Prince Rupert Whale Trail is located down on the Cow Bay Marine and public Dock. This easy to access viewpoint provides a stunning view of the harbour and Tuck Inlet.
Roe Islet Viewpoint

Roe Islet, North Pender

Roe Islet Viewpoint is within the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and can be accessed via a short trail from South Otter Bay Road. On the northwest side of the old Roe family house you’ll find a staircase, that acts as the trailhead for the 15 minute walk to the far end of this narrow…

The Whale Interpretive Centre

The Whale Interpretive Centre is located in Telegraph Cove, BC and run by the non-profit Johnstone Strait Killer Whale Interpretive Centre Society. The Centre was founded in 2002 to provide a venue in which to increase public awareness about the biology of marine mammals and the anthropogenic threats facing their populations.
Thieves Bay Marina

Thieves Bay, North Pender

Thieves Bay Marina is located on Swanson Channel in the Southern Gulf Islands. Thieves Bay is in the heart of the southern resident orca range. During summer months, orcas may swim close to the breakwater, making the vista point next to the marina one of the best orca-watching spots in the region. The vista point…

Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is Canada's largest aquarium, and a non-profit organization focused on conservation of aquatic life. The Aquarium conducts ground-breaking orca research through its Cetacean Research Lab. The Aquarium is also a partner in the B.C. Cetacean Sighting Network, and operates a very popular Adopt-A-Whale program.

Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet

Our latest sign was unveiled in the spring of 2016 along the Wild Pacific Rim Trail in Ucluelet. This 9-km trail meanders along the dramatic and beautiful west coast of Vancouver Island — a great place to watch whales, and storms! The Whale Trail sign is located at Amphitrite Point, offering good views of gray…


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