L pod is the largest pod of the Southern Resident Killer Whales. As of December 2017, L pod has 35 members. The males males are L41(41 years old), L84 (28 years old), L85 (27 years old), L87 (26 years old), and L88 (25 years old). L87, Onyx traveled with K pod for a couple years, however, since 2010 has been seen traveling with J pod. L pod had three calves born in 2015, L121, L122, and L123.

L pod is made up of eleven matrilines (a societal system where all the whales are descended from their mother’s line, not their father’s).  Of these, L2, L12, L25 and L26 are still living.  Luna (L 98) was orphaned in Canada in 2001 and eventually died there in 2005 after colliding with a tug boat.

L pod’s population has fluctuated a great deal, raising concern among scientists. They seem to have the lowest survival rate of all the Southern Resident pods.  In fact, their population has decreased sharply since 1994.  L pod also has higher levels of DDT, associated with the fish in their diet with California origins.


Current L pod members: L22 Spirit, L25 Ocean Sun, L41 Mega, L47 Marina, L54 Ino, L55 Nugget, L72 Racer, L77 Matia, L82 Kasatka, L83 Moonlight, L84 Nyssa, L85 Mystery, L86 Surprise!, L87 Onyx, L88 Wave Walker, L89 Solstice, L90 Ballena, L91 Muncher, L92 Crewser, L94 Calypso, L193 Lapis, L105 Fluke, L106 Pooka, L108 Coho, L109 Takoda, L110 Midnight, L113 Cousteau, L115 Mystic, L116 Finn, L117 Keta, L118 Jade, L119 Joy, L121 Windsong, L122 Magic, L123 Lazuli.


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