Sphyopping Orca (Mark Sears, Permit 21348)

Hello everyone!

It’s a rainy day in West Seattle, the northwest looking like its usual November self: wet and windy, with the last of the fall leaves clinging to to the trees. Great weather to bundle up and go for a walk, and watch for spouts!

We are waiting for the southern residents, who return this time each year following winter salmon runs. They haven’t been here as much this season, which is worrisome. But when they come back it will be quieter, thanks to new whale-watching rules that took effect this year. Hope they get the news!

Last week I was a guest on the podcast “Places I Remember” with Lea Lane. It was a wide-ranging conversation about whales, and whale-watching. Have a  listen!

Whale Watching: What to Know, Best Places to Go.

And check out Lea’s other podcasts while you are there – great conversations that warm up any wintry day.

See you on The Whale Trail!

Rainbow and Orcas