L pod in Puget Sound, M Sears #21348

The rain is back, and so are the salmon, and so are the whales! Writer Chris Dunagan connects the dots in a new article for Puget Sound Institute: LOW RAINFALL LEADS TO AN ODD AND CHANGING YEAR FOR SALMON, KILLER WHALES AND PEOPLE which mentions The Whale Trail too.

A timely story! We spent most of the day watching J pod, spread out and foraging from one side of the Sound to the other. We passed out binoculars and helped people spot their dorsal fins and blows. The whales went south, then north, and then surprised us by turning south again. On their last pass they were in a tight resting group, their blows backlit against the sun.  Maybe heading towards K pod, who were further south.

We loved meeting so many new and old friends on The Whale Trail today. Almost as much as we loved seeing the whales with no boats around them! A sea change is underway (pun intended!), and it is quieter when they come home. That gives me hope, and keeps me going!

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. Grateful for whales, and you.