Battle Rock Wayside Park, Port Orford

Battle Rock Park is named for the historic battle that took place at Battle Rock where the Qua-to-mah Native Americans fought Capt. William Tichenor's men in 1851.  Now, visitors can hike the hill to the top of the Rock and see one of the most spectacular views on the coast. And if they’re lucky, they can also see the grey whales that like to hang out in the cove area.

Battle Rock Park features a city-maintained Visitor Center, 24-hr restrooms, water, and interpretive signs that provide information about the park and the area.

Battle Rock Park is located along the Oregon Coast Trail, boasts a wonderful view of Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve, and is the starting location for the Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway.  Battle Rock Park is within walking distance of restaurants, gift shops, motels, art galleries, an antique store and a bank.

Where The Whales Are

Whales can be observed directly from the park or any other location that provides and ocean view.  Look for whales near "Mill Rocks", which extend out from the beach just south of the park, near kelp patches, transiting out in the distance, or head over to the Port of Port Orford (two blocks north on Harbor Dr.) and find whales just off the port, moving in and around the jetty.

Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve

Redfish Rocks contains a variety of prime habitat for marine life including a combination of rocky reef and sandy sea-floor habitat. Five dramatic rock formations rise above the surface of the ocean providing nesting areas for seabirds and a haul out site for marine mammals. It is home to a variety of nearshore groundfish species, including black, blue, copper and china rockfish. The area also provides habitat for a host of other sea life, including lingcod, wolf eel, greenling, and many invertebrates such as urchins and crabs.

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Oregon Coast Trail

The majesty of Oregon's coastline unfolds around every bend along the 382-mile Coast Trail. Hikers cross sandy beaches, meander through forest-shaded corridors and traverse majestic headlands.  
Most of the route is on the beach, although some segments wind through state parks or public lands.

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Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway

A Wild and Scenic river, lush cranberry bogs, towering basalt sea stacks and vast ocean views await riders on the Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway.
The 60-mile ride is anchored in the quaint fishing hamlet of Port Orford, the oldest town on the Oregon coast. Here you can count on a great cup of coffee, and you’ll find quiet, locally owned hotels and eclectic art galleries.
You can complete the route in one day or take your time with several out-and-back rides.

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The Whale Trail

Address / Contact

Port Orford Visitor Center
520 Jefferson St 
Port Orford, Oregon   97465

(541) 332-0627




9:30am to 3:30pm, daily Open most holidays


  • restrooms
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  • trails
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Marine Mammals Commonly Seen Here

Marine Mammals Occasionally Seen Here

Marine Mammals Rarely Seen Here

Travel Tips

Heading South into Port Orford (Hwy 101), turn right on Jefferson St. (blinking light), head to the end of the parking lot.  

Heading North (Hwy 101), turn right on efferson St. (blinking light), head to the end of the parking lot.

The Whale Trail is a nonprofit organization in partnership with
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