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Orca Talk: A Protected Zone for Orcas

Join us for the first in a new series of Orca Talks! Bruce Stedman, Executive Director of Orca Relief, will describe the key aspects of how a protected area for orcas should be developed and how it could help the SRKWs begin to recover.

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A Protected Zone or Orcas

A Protected Zone for Puget Sound Orcas
Presentation by Bruce Stedman, Orca Relief
Thursday October 30, 2013, 7 – 8:30 PM
C&P Coffee, 5612 California Ave SW, Seattle WA 98136
$5 suggested donation, kids free!
Tickets available
Presented by The Whale Trail
The Southern Resident Killer Whales are endangered and seriously declining; their 2014 population of 79 is the lowest since 1985.  To aid their recovery, Orca Relief is urging NOAA Fisheries to conduct a public process that will result in a Whale Protection Zone for the SRKWs.  

A well designed and enforced WPZ would provide the Southern Resident Orca a safe-haven in the very core of their critical habitat, and a relief from vessel impacts including noise, disturbance and air pollution. Bruce Stedman, Executive Director of Orca Relief will describe the key aspects of how a protected area for the Orca should be developed and how it could help the SRKWs begin to recover.

Join us to hear the latest about the orcas, and updates from Robin Lindsay (Seal Sitters), and Diver Laura James ( This is the first in a new series of Orca Talks hosted by The Whale Trail in West Seattle.
Buy tickets ahead of time and we’ll save you a seat! And hurry – this will likely sell out.
About the Presenter
The Executive Director of Orca Relief Citizens’ Alliance, Bruce Stedman has more than three decades of experience in marine conservation, ocean health issues, and whale conservation.  He was one of the core team that built the Whale Museum (Friday Harbor, WA) and was its first curator.  He has directed five other conservation and environmental organizations, as well as working as an environmental mediator for 15 years.  He has facilitated or mediated more than 100 decision-making or information-sharing processes on many environmental topics, and designed/conducted more than 55 workshops or study tours for public officials and technical specialists from over 40 countries. Trained at University of Washington and MIT, Mr. Stedman has taught conservation and environmental courses at Harvard, MIT, Tufts, and Western Washington Universities.

See you there!

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Orcas captured in Russia 

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Help name Springer’s Calf!

Springer and Calf. Photo by Christie McMillan

It’s time to name Springer’s calf! Springer (A-73) is the orphaned orca who was rescued, rehabilitated and returned to her pod 12 years ago, with the help of many members of the Whale Trail core team.
Last year Springer was seen with her first calf (A-104), and they were both sighted again last month. The calf has survived its first year, and so is ready for a name!
Send your nominations to the Vancouver Aquarium ( until July 16. Voting is open to the public and will start July 18th. 
The Vancouver Aquarium gives names to the northern resident orcas, based on place names in BC. (Springer is named after Springer Point on Sonora Island). We don’t know yet if the calf is male or female.
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