Lincoln Park (Pt. Williams)

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Orcas last seen here January 5th - K-pod heading south.


Colman Pool is near the site of the “Old Mudhole," a natural lagoon that was widened to serve as a pool in 1928. Tidal currents and supportive habitat make this point a wonderful place to spot marine mammals. 

Where the Whales Are

Resident orcas are most often observed here during the fall and winter. Look west and you might see them crossing between Blake and Vashon Islands. Sometimes they come close enough to this point that you can hear their blows.

Transient orcas are less predictable, but increasingly seen in these waters.

Gray whales are occasional visitors to central Puget Sound, most often in the spring.

Looking west, you might also see the chocolate chip-shaped dorsal fins of harbor porpoise crossing north or south. 

Seals, sea lions and river otters are often seen nearby, attracted by schools of herring, salmon and other prey species.

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